Monday, April 25, 2011

Not your father's periodic table -
When was the last time you consulted a periodic table? If you're not a science major or teacher, the last you used a periodic table it was probably taped to the wall in a high school classroom or in the appendix of your high school or college science text book.

If this fits true for you, you'll wish you had the dynamic periodic table available at I know I did when I found this site.

The dynamic periodic table at has all the information a chemistry or science student needs at the hover of their mouse. Do you need to know what the physical properties of Iron (Fe) or any other elements are 6000 degrees Kelvin or any other temperature? Well, even if you don't, has that information and everything you might want to know about the elements embedded or linked to, including orbitals, isotopes, videos, photos, podcasts, and what ever Wikipedia might say.

Tell your students, children, and friends about They'll thank you next time they need to consult a periodic table for class or just because.

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