Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go ahead - Embed.ly it!

The end of the school year may create free time for students and most teachers, but it is the beginning of planning and facilitating professional development sessions for me. And, this year is crazier than ever.

But, today I learned about Embed.ly via a post on Mashable.

Embed.ly allows easy embedding of virtually anything into a web site. So, you don't have to rely on the embed code after a YouTube video or a Jing via your Screencast account to embed items from other sites into your posts for students or on you blog. You can embed anything as long as it has a URL.

I wish I found Embed.ly two weeks ago. My presentations for this week's PD sessions would be embedded instead of linked to for future reference.

Embed.ly has a free api and a subscription based pro version. The api has a Wordpress plugin or javascript code to install the tool into your site. Since I'm crazy busy right now, I wish there was a Blogger plugin.

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