Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interactive Timeline Creator

This is great if you are looking for something to create timelines.  Capzles is about as good as it gets for something free on the Internet.  All you do is add pictures, choose a date, add a description, and an interactive timeline is created for you.  This is a great tool not only for your students to create something, but also for coaches and advisors.

Applications in Education
Students can create a timeline of events, embed the timeline into a website or email the timeline to the teacher.

Teachers can create a timeline of events that took place in your classroom and then easily embed the timeline onto a teacher website to show what took place during the year or for any event.

Coaches and advisors can create a neat keepsake for their participants.

How I Use Capzles
As a history teacher, I have looked for an unique way to have my students create timelines.  I used to have students find images online, print the images, and then paste them on poster board.  Capzles takes this process and digitizes it.

My 8th grade students loved creating Civil War timelines of the causes, battles, and effects of the war.  Some students even got creative and added music to the background.

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