Monday, May 2, 2011

Park that sticky note over here...

Are you working on a project and you want to share your post-it notes (a.k.a. sticky notes) with your students, teacher, or a group of people?
If you're a visual person like me, to share your notes you first need to arrange them on a table or sheet of paper so you can take a photo or scan them into an image or PDF. If you're concrete sequential, not like me, you'll take some time to type them into a document that you can print or email. Bottom line, it takes an additional step or two to get your sticky notes from paper into digital form for sharing. 

Why not skip the paper and go straight to digital?! 

David Kapuler has assembled a nice list of ten web applications for creating notes. I am fond of Wall Wisher and when working in groups. They work well for many people sharing ideas in real time. 

The new tool for me that I adopted from David's list is scrumblr.  Scrumblr is similar to Wall Wisher and, but it is set up like a production board allowing you to easily organize your sticky notes into sections. I'll be using scrumbler to organize my thoughts for my next post here at The EdTech Zone.

So, the next time you are taking notes, consider doing it digital the first time. And when you need to have your students or colleagues park that note, do it online instead of at the door.

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