Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Supplement your dry coral reef lesson with an engaging online interactive!

Are your students studying ocean conservation, marine biology or coral reefs? 

The coral reef interactive on The Sant Ocean Hall's section on the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's web site will be a great supplemental activity for students.

The Sant Ocean Hall - Coral Reef Interactive
The interactive activity teaches students about the elements of and around a Caribbean coral reef, including marine life, such as the Elkhorn coral, Marine Algae Azure Vase Sponge, Nassau grouper, and Caribbean Spiny lobster, and the impact of humans through tourist recreation, eco-friendly businesses, and fishing.

The coral reef interactive from the Smithsonian combines this information about a coral reef with simulated case studies where students assume the roles of a hotel manager, tourist, and local resident as they learn about the "interdependence between the economic and social impact of human activity and the needs of a coral reef and its conservation."

Take your students on a learning adventure to a coral reef today!

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