Friday, February 24, 2012

Power of QR

QR codes are everywhere.  Some people know what they are, some people have no clue.  Basically a QR code is a bar code that can store much more information than a bar code.  You can place anything with a URL behind it, text, phone numbers, etc...

In order to make QR codes work, you will need a couple things.  First, you need a QR code reader on your tablet or smartphone.  To find one, go to your app store and search for QR reader or scanner.  Find one that is free and try it out.  If you don't like it, delete it and try another one.  Second, you will need a QR code generator.  These can be found online and the one I use is Kaywa and can be found here.  Third, you will need something to put behind the QR code, such as a link or text.  Put your information in, and have fun!

Uses in the classroom:
Instead of writing links on the board, place a QR code around the room and have students scan.

Put your contact information behind the code and place it outside your door for people to scan.

Have your students create videos about their artwork, post the videos to YouTube and put the link behind the QR code and post next to the artwork.

Google QR codes in the classroom and you will get TONS of ideas of how to use these in your classroom.

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