Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Publishing with iBooks Author

iBooks Author from O'Reilly

In their eBook from O'Reilly, Publishing with iBooks Author, Nellie McKesson and Adam Witwer quickly establish why they believe iBooks Author is worth considering. According to McKesson and Witwer, iBooks Author is now the best digital publishing tool available. 
"If you’re looking to create books that are digital first, use dynamic page designs, and are truly interactive, there is no better tool for the job than iBooks Author." - McKesson & Witwer
A quick preview of Publishing with iBooks Author, reveals that this eBook offers readers insights and advice about the basic components of book publishing and layout in addition to a thorough tutorial for using iBooks Author.

With iBooks, Apple is trying to change the textbook industry and equip students and teachers with more effective and relevant tools to access and share information. The iBooks Author app gives teachers and students the tools to produce dynamic books, and as a guide, Publishing with iBooks Author will help them produce quality publications.

Publishing with iBooks Author is currently a free download from O'Reilly and is available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats.

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